Biological Family Farm Koumoutsi

At Pelion, on the road from Portaria to Chania (in Palia Chania to be more specific), you will find the sales shop of the Biological Family Farm Koumoutsi, with a fantastic wooden cascade as a signature.

In the friendly environment of our beautiful decorated shop, our family gladly introduces you to a variety in tastes of all products from the farm, such as biological olive oil, wine and honey. With a tradition of 15 years in bee farming we produce 10 different kinds of honey like fir, orange-lemon, blossom, chestnut, vanilla, thyme and other.

With us you have the opportunity to taste the differences in honey, to learn about the bees, to see the oldest and the most modern farming equipment and to experience how royal jelly, pollen, natural bee wax and honeycomb are being produced. A unique experience during the summer months is to observe the process of the honey harvest, or in other words: how to get out the honey.

What you need to know: